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el comment no. 3: Sports Organizations

This comment is in reaction to the blog about the Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association. This blog was very interesting because I myself am a sports enthusiast and have been effected by many sports organizations. I have participated in countless sports for various clubs and organizations over the years. Sports organizations are a part of civil society similar to the Boys and Girls Club of America, which I blogged about previosly. They are primarily involved with kids and teach good habbits at a young age. I find these types of organizations most important among civil society. If you can instill hard working attitudes and good morals into kids early on it improves the success of a soceity. Adolecents is the stage when childeren are forming their views and attitudes for the rest of their life so it is important make sure they start off on the right foot. As we all know “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” so its easest to teach people when they are young. Also sports are a great way to teach kids without them even knowing it. While they are having fun competing sublte hints about how they approach a particular game, ways to improve and preperation can change their behaviors off of the court or field. So these habbits will be a part of their family and academic lives. I know personally that my competitive attitute in sports has translated into better grades in the class room. For example, my competitive spirit causes me to do better in school because I am always striving to improve my grades and because of what I learned in sports as a kid the only wat to get better is through hard work. I think when people think of non profit organizations and civil society today they think of organizations that help the poor and charaties that are aimed to fix already existing problems.  I think it is important not to forget abou the organizations like sports organizations that help mold and direct kids at an early age to a safe and healthy future. In a way they are correcting problems before they start.


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