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blog no. 28: What I learned.

For me the most important thing that I have learned in this class is the value of the internet. Knowing where to search for things on the internet has been very helpful and expanded my knowledge of the non profit sector. Access to information gives you power and efficiency in decision making. Seperate from the course material I have learned a lot about class room dynamics. The new century college experience was very difficult to me but it is something that I think can be very beneficial. Significant control over the learning process is something I never really felt comfortable with but I can see how it can be a good thing. It was obvious to see who had been in an NCC class prior and the ones that had not. The more active students had prior experience with NCC and felt most comfortable guiding the class. I have learned that it is hard to get 25 people to agree on one thing and that a lack in patience creates compromise. When people were fed up with the decision making process they tended to go along with anything. Overall this was a very good learning experience from an academic standoint as well as and interpersonal learning experience.


One Response to “blog no. 28: What I learned.”

  1. 13andon, I definitely agree with you about how frustrating an experience this NCC classroom was. It was my first one as well and i had no idea what I was signing up for. The way in which we decided our EL project was undoubtedly frustrating, but i think the problem comes more from the class than the classroom style. I think most of the people didn’t really care what the EL was, i think they just wanted an assignment. New Century College is very fond of forcing and allowing students to take a stake in their own education, “to claim it.” I think that the majority of the people in our class would have preferred to simply “receive” an education rather than claim it, in this case. Also, the way that Derek did it was somewhat frustrating. He could have given us some more direction when he knew we were frustrated, but instead he just let us sweat it out. I guess it worked out fine in the end and we shouldn’t be worried about having to do something similar in the future.

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