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blog no. 27: Questions.

The only questions that I have about civil society cannot be answered. For example, what does the future hold for civil society. Will its strength in society improve or deterriorate? I think what is most important about my experience in this class is that I now have the tools to answer any questions I might have about the non profit sector. This class has showed me the value of the internet and its wealth of information. Any question I do have, I have the ability to answer myself.  If I want to find out news about civil society I have access to numerous blogs full of current affairs. If I want to start up my own non profit organization I know that salsa.org offers information on all of the paperwork and logistics. If I want to look at the tax details of an organization to see where the money is going I can go to guidestar.org. If I want to donate money to a reputable organization I can go to give.org where the Better Business Beaurea examines organizations on its standards of accountability. The list goes on and on. This class has opened my mind to the scope of civil soceity and enabled me access lots of information. Therefore posing a question in this blog would have been pointless because any question I could have asked I could answer myself.


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