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blog no. 26: Brazil and Kenya’s Civil Society

Civil Society in Brazil and Kenya is characterized by their history of western European colonialism and strong military governments.  Kenya was a British colony until December of 1963 and Brazil was a Portuguese colony until 1889. Although Brazil has been an independent nation for much longer their colonial backgrounds play into the role of their current civil society. In Brazil civil society emerged from clandestine groups of educated elites that were against the current government; their efforts to change the status quo which was repressing the majority came with a battle. Civil society in Brazil has always had conflicting views with the government creating a seesaw battle between the two. Similarly Kenya’s civil society has struggled with the military governments to actively help its people. There hegemonic power of the government in both cases has dictated the ability of civic society to pursue certain goals.


2 Responses to “blog no. 26: Brazil and Kenya’s Civil Society”

  1. I agree with you on this. It appears that both countries have had their civil society shadowed by the government, which probably plays a huge role in the overall society.

  2. I agree with most of your observations, however, I couldn’t resist commenting on the fact that although Kenya has had its share of problems, it has never had a military government. Nonprofits in Kenya have existed since independence partly because of the spirit of volunteerism.

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