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el comment no. 2

I found a post that talked about the NRA which caught my eye. I find the NRA to be a very interesting organization, although I don’t agree with the need to bare arms for protection I respect this organizations relentless commitment to preserve the second amendment right to bare arms. A good point is made that it is the person behind the gun that makes the decision to shoot and not the actual gun doing the damage. But I disagree with the main argument made by the NRA that guns are necessary to protect ones family. Perhaps I am too optimistic and trusting in people but I think the existence of guns for protection against criminals undermines the goodness in people. Its sad that we cannot trust or neighbors. That being said I understand there have been rare cases of burglary and kidnapping where a gun could have saved lives. For me I choose to put trust in people and hope for peace.

The post also reminds me of some recent happenings involving gun enthusiasts. I have witnessed people protesting for the right to bare arms in universities, where guns are currently prohibited. These protests were more prominent just after the Virginia Tech shootings last year and caused great debate among colleges nationwide. The argument was that if guns were allowed on campus that students could have prevented the attacks. The NRA actively supported these protests and this notion that guns would make universities a safer place. I will save my opinion on this issue because I’m sure its obvious where I stand. But I would like to say that the expression of different ideas is good for universities and diverse views are essential for a well rounded society. Especially at George Mason University I am thankful for our free speech zone that gives people and organizations a chance to really voice their opinions for quality debates.


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