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el blog no. 3: Homestretch

I think the atmosphere of a college student is very unique, especially at George Mason University. The amount of activism and diversity of people’s views on campus make for a brilliant melting pot of ideas. Each time I walk through the quad or Johnson Center a wealth of information is at my access. Organizations are constantly organizing, promoting and informing students of critical issues in our society. From fraternities to campus ministries there is something that everyone can appreciate and learn. Commonly I see campus organizations blend with each other; in addition they invite outside perspectives to make for a truly rich environment. A great example of this is Homeless Action Week which is sponsored by numerous organizations within George Mason University and help extends to private organizations. A very unique organization that really caught my attention was Homestretch. The experiential learning process provoked my further research of the organization to uncover some very exciting information.

Homestretch is based in Fairfax county and its goal is to provide support for the homeless. Their assistant stretches far and wide, some of their services include: “subsidized housing, families in Homestretch receive a variety of services including case management, employment counseling, ESL classes, computer literacy training, GED tutoring, domestic violence education and counseling, therapy, substance abuse counseling life skills training, transportation assistance, and numerous services for children.” On Saturday the 22nd of November there is a Help the Homeless Walk sponsored by Homestretch in Washington DC that I plan to attend. At this event I plan to engage with other volunteers to promote help for the homeless.

Furthermore, I think the freedom of speech zones at Mason really encourage people to raise many important issues affecting Americans today. Because of our diversity there are many differing views, but this makes for competitive debate and increased quality of discussion. I have never been more aware of civil societies affect on my life than now.


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