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blog no. 22: Obama’s Election Increases Gun Sales

Unfortunately my case study organization, which is the Academy for Educational Development, had no current news on their stance of President-elect Obama. Because of their controversial nature my two favorite non profit organizations are PETA and the NRA. For this assignment I chose the NRA because I figured they would be worried about a liberal in the White House. Sure enough they posted many links to articles that talk about the restrictive affects that Obama intends to place on the second amendment. On a side note, I would like to say that the NRA does a great job of posting up to date information that is really informative when it comes to the issues concerning gun freedoms. They now have a daily news segment on their website that I expect to be a good place to find news quickly about happenings concerning the second amendment. They truly know how to market the second amendment in a very persuasive manner. Concerning Obama I found one article very interesting that was about the rise in gun sales leading up to Obama’s election. Although not directly written by the NRA there was a link to this article on their homepage. It talks about people all over the country fearing gun sale restrictions because of Obama’s differing views from President Bush. Although Obama has said repeatedly that he fully supports the second amendment, gun enthusiasts still remain skeptical. As a result there has been a steep increase in gun sales as of late, reported the Federal Bureau of Investigation which oversees gun sales. I found this article interesting because it really showed the urgency people reacted with in order to preserve their gun ownership.


One Response to “blog no. 22: Obama’s Election Increases Gun Sales”

  1. I was on the NRA website earlier but I clicked on the wrong link and ended up on their political website. I was kind of shocked (not necessary in a bad way) to see all of this information about Obama, the elections, and up to date information. I just found it interesting that the website was still up after the elections were over, very interesting…

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