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el comment no. 1

I found the Rock the Vote blog very interesting because I was heavily affected by organizations encouraging registering to vote by promoting one candidate or another. Although these organization have been loyal to one party or another. I figured they could not be working for non profit organizations because they supported a particular candidate and this violates the IRS’s tax exemption clause.  The association to a political party has caused me to believe anybody encouraging voting had some sort of private interests. Because of this article I found it to be completely wrong. The Rock the Vote organization encourages voting in general and does not advocate a particular candidate. I believe this to be a very beneficial civic service because the more people vote the more we achieve democracy. I know for me, as a first time voter, I had a lot of questions involving the voting process and it was nice to have an organization not pressuring a particular view on you. I find this organization similar to the Mason Votes campaign organized by Mason. It was a great idea because its main objective was to increase the amount of young voters making to the polls this election. This was a highly anticipated election and because of the high turnout of young voters I am very proud to be a young person right.


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