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blog. no. 17: Bienaventurados los Pobres

After navigating the the wiserearth.com website I found the organization Bienaventurados los Pobres which is an Argentinian organization founded in 1984. This organizations website is completely in Spanish so please pardon my gringo interpretation. The three main focuses of this organization are; first to help poor families create viable economic alternatives through agricultural sustainability. Second, they lobby the government to bolster popular sectors support in the fight against poverty. Third, they promote social values to preserve human rights for all. To achieve these goals by educating Argentinians on how to preserve and utilize the environment. To bolster political support they fight to restructure politics in Argentina to create more political autonomy and fairness in decision making.

If you would like to find out more information about this organization check our their website: http://www.bepe.org.ar/tipo.php?idcat=27


One Response to “blog. no. 17: Bienaventurados los Pobres”

  1. Wow! This sounds like a great organization that has important goals. I’m very impressed that you translated all of that!

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