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blog no. 14: Non Profit Sector Talk

For this assignment we were supposed to talk to a friend or family member about the Non Profit Sector. This was a difficult process because my dear friend was not well informed on the non profit sector, just like I was at the beginning of the semester. I asked her to name 3 non profit organizations and she could only come up with one, PETA. I find this interesting because in my previous blog I wrote about their sketchy tactics and how they might be over the top but effective. This strengthens my argument that their actions are controversial but effective. After a brief explanation she felt that the non profit sector was playing a lesser role in her life than business and government. We talked briefly about wages and she felt that wages should be competitive with the for profit sector to create a more educated base for change. From our 20 minute conversation I gathered the our school system does not do enough to educate us on the non profit sector or civil society. Finally I think there should be a non profit organization that promotes non profit awareness. This would be an umbrella organization that would help philanthropy worldwide.


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