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blog no. 13: Natalie Portman’s Philanthropy

I found the USA Today article, Natalie Portman is force for change, empowering women, very interesting and informative. The article talks about Natalie Portman’s Harvard education in psychology and her avid involvement in a program called the Foundation for International Community Assistance. It further describes her in depth knowledge and hands on involvement within the organization. FICA specializes in micro loans for people in developing countries like Guatemala and Ecuador for example. It was pleasant news to find out how Natalie Portman differs from the typical Hollywood actor/actress. Avoiding gossip about fashion and relationships she prefers to talk about real issues like poverty and healthcare. She delves deeper than the typical figurehead by taking hands on approach immersing her completely in the organization. Her numerous trips and display her active spirit. Basically this article is a breath of fresh air and makes me feel better about American actresses. There are two links in the article that show other artist and athletes in involved in charitable endeavors.



3 Responses to “blog no. 13: Natalie Portman’s Philanthropy”

  1. HMMM…. I missed this one. I personally have always liked Natalie Portman as an actress, and knew she was fond of campaigning for elephant endangerment. (There was a show on TV with her in Africa at an elephant rescue.
    I agree that it is fantastic to see an actress who is not willing to succumb to the ways in Hollywood and instead chooses to promote her personal philanthropies.

  2. I love her. Wouldn’t it be great to hear about more celebrities like her. I mean sure you have Brangelina, and all of their contributions but they also buy a palace out in France to have their twins. I don’t think I have ever heard of Portman doing something so extravagant. Not only that but to take so much pride in education. I have to agree, does make me feel a little better about Actor/Actresses, until I see a new episode of Cribs.

  3. I knew that Natalie Portman was involved more so than the average actor or actress, but this is great to hear about. I think I remember seeing her on some show with animals, or maybe that was someone else. I agree with you when you say that hearing about famous people putting themselves above the gossip and glamour to really give back to their communities and beyond is inspiring.

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