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blog no. 11: Charity Reviews

When assessing reliability of charitable organizations on give.org I found some fairly interesting data. I looked at the reports of 3 organizations; which for the most part satisfied BBB standards for reliability. There were only a few discrepancies along the way. Initially I looked at the Feed the Children foundation; which had a very reputable report. All of the specs were met: they had a clearly stated purpose; legitimate board of 9 members, fund raising costs were below the 15% benchmark at 11%, a list was provided which clearly allocated funds spent, and they ended the fiscal year with the appropriate assets. All of these factors would assure any donor that their money was going where they expected it to go. Next I looked at the Christian Record Services for the Blind who had issues with fund raising. They spent 26% of their revenue on fund raising which is well above the 15% standard set by the BBB. Finally I looked at PETA which interestingly only had 3 board members. The BBB specifically requires a minimum of 5 board members. I found this interesting because PETA is such a large organization and has such a small board.


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