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blog no. 9: The Community Chest

When discussing business and the emergence of philanthropic vehicles Robert Hall points out The Community Chest which originated in 1913 in Clevend Ohio. This organization was utilized by the working class as vehicle for change. The community Chest was a place for the commoner to donate money in an expression of his/her altruism. It became the Community Chests responsibility to allocate this money to various worthy organizations. This in turn lead to a revitalized and broadened donor base and more funding for numerous organizations. This would lead to the emergence of a much more diverse civil society. Before 1950 the number of organizations created as a result of the community chest numbered in the thousands. The organization changed names several times in its history before eventually settling on the United Way. The United way works with numerous organizations and causes to help support and fund them. Currently the United Way is responsible for helping fund over 13,000 organizations. I believe this non profit organizations specializes in most important resource for change, fund raising. With the proper funds and resources change is most attainable.


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