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blog. no. 10: KFC

Snopes.com has posted a story investigating the reason for Kentucky Fried Chickens changing its name to KFC. The urban legends states that because KFC’s chicken are genetically engineered that they cannot be considered ‘chickens’. This urban legend turns out to be false. The are many reasons for the name change including: 1) a de-emphasis on the word chicken because they had plans to vary the menu, 2) they wanted to eliminate the word ‘fried’ because of its unhealthy connotations, and 3) they believed that a shorter name would be more catchy and memorable. This article brings up the interesting part that its not KFC or any other fast food restaurant raising their own produce rather they get their meat from producers. KFC is in the restaurant business, not the farming and agriculture business. Looking briefly into PETA I discovered a video hosted by Pamela Anderson condemning the meat used by KFC and bashing their practices. I think the video should focus more on the chicken producers and their techniques used on massive chicken farms because KFC is buying their meat from a distributer.


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