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blog no. 8: Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in competition with pawn shops world wide. They are a non profit organization doing what pawn shops do for profit. The salvation army takes in donations of second hand items like clothing, furniture and household appliances. They then sell this items at discounted prices, much like pawn shops, to the public. The proceeds from the Salvation Army are then given to support programs like adult rehabilitation, elderly services, disaster relief and veteran affair services.


2 Responses to “blog no. 8: Salvation Army”

  1. I donate every year to the Salvation Army. I feel better donating my old clothes, shoes, books, etc. to a place that is just going to sell them to people that need those things more than I do. I really did not think to connect pawn shops to Salvation Army…. you are very right. It makes you wonder how pawn shops came into exsistence… however pawn shops and getting money for my old stuff is not going to change my mind about giving to the Salvation Army. I would rather give to people in need then give to people who just want to find a good buy.

  2. I never would have thought to connect pawn shops to the Salvation Army. Other than getting a few dollars from the pawn shop for what you take them, they pretty much are doing the same thing. In fact, you would probably come out better donating to the Salvation Army and taking a write off at the end of the year. At least you will get to use what you value the items at….

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