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blog no. 7: AED Deserves Funding

I personally think that health, education and peace are the most important issues facing the world today. Uneven distribution of resources have left sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Latin America and South East Asia in desperate need of help. They have poor health standards, low education levels and high social conflict. The Academy for Educational Development has proven its capability to correct these fundamental issues affecting the world today. To improve health, in Kenya AED has increased malaria immunization for children under two from 0% to 94%. AED has donated over 22 million books to improve education in Egypt. AED is also very involved in peace building, for example they have spread civil society in Kosovo to create a more peaceful atmosphere between Albanians and Serbians. These are just a few of AED’s accomplishments around the world. As a result, this organization deserves support over others because its focus is on the fundamentals for a better society. By satisfying the basic need of humans, health, and giving them then resources to make change, education, you create a platform to build from. This will translate into other improvements in the environment and technology.


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