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blog no. 5: Academy for Educational Development

Founded in 1961, The Academy for Educational Development is a nonprofit that fosters development on a wide range of issues concerning the United States and many developing countries. This umbrella of issues includes: ensuring education for all, improving health and nutrition, promoting a healthy environment, strengthening leadership and civil society, helping youth reach their potential and preventing and treating HIV/AIDS. Their staff consists of 1,900 people, 1,000 of which are in the field. At the moment AED implements more than 250 human and social development programs serving people in all 50 U.S. states and more than 150 countries. I believe this organization deserves support and funding because it is a well established organization with the intellectual and physical resources that other organizations lack, to create drastic changes on a global scale. I can appreciate the fact that not only do they do help abroad but they strive to improve standards of living in the United States. Some organizations based in the United States concentrate their efforts abroad when we as Americans need help too. I think this organization is well balanced and wide ranging. Just a few reasons why AED deserves significant support and funding.


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