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blog no. 4: A non profit you can count on

For my project I plan on writing about the Peace Corps. This non profit organization was created in the early 60’s by John F. Kennedy as a way to challenge college students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the name of peace. He suggested the idea that living and working in developing countries would create peace through service. Since then nearly 200,000 American volunteers have volunteered considerable time and knowledge in 139 developing countries. The Peace Corps specializes in AIDS education, information technology and environmental preservation. I hope to one day volunteer my time and knowledge to help a community in the developing world. As I learn more about the organization I expect to appreciate its efforts more and more.


2 Responses to “blog no. 4: A non profit you can count on”

  1. Peace Corps has always been regarded as a highly touted organization, in which I completely respect . Dedicating two years (I believe) of your life towards the bettering of another society without reservations and the instillation of personal beliefs on others is amazing. The only notion I’d like to address and, this is for someone who may know, recently a country leader came forth and mentioned how the Peace Corps. is beneficial, however, college students are inadequate to their country’s needs. If someone can recall that country/leader, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I think your choice of the Peace Corp is admirable. Peace Corp volunteers go in remote places and help foster development in areas many have never heard of. They live simply, interact with locals, learn native languages and personify the American spirit. The fact that they immense themselves in the culture and are not judgmental (at least not openly) make them welcome in the regions they are in. They bring hope to the people through education and they are the first to tell you that their experience is priceless. Being among a group of Peace Corp Volunteers and listening to their stories, is humbling, entertaining and inspirational. I think one of the shortcuts to maturity, responsibility and experience is definitely through the Peace Corp and many college grads should try it

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