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blog no. 3: A non profit I could live without

Initially when I started looking for a non profit organization I disagreed with it was very difficult to find one. Overwhelmingly I found organizations that specialized in helping families, animals, the environment, students and the less fortunate. I thought to myself how could I oppose helping mothers in need or preserving our environment. Finally I stumbled onto the National Riffle Association whose sole objective is to preserve Americans second amendment right to bare arms, frankly an amendment I could live without. Initiated in New York by George Wingate in 1871 its goal was to encourage rifle clubs. The problem came when NRA started to slowly creep into politics around the 30’s with its first magazine, called The Rifleman, educating gun owners on new gun laws.

It wasn’t until 1975 when the NRA created its own institute of legislative action that it really started to press its beliefs on the government and really became a force to be reckoned with. Its member count is currently listed at 3 million members. Long time president of the NRA Charleston Hestin is known to give nauseating speeches about the necessity to arm the entire United States to preserve protection. His famous line, “out of my cold dead hands” as he raises a riffle really bothers me. This idea that we need guns for protection is senseless when the United States has the highest number of deaths as a result of gun violence. Giving the general public access to automatic weapons is an outrage, but is supported by the NRA. Albeit they support gun safety, it in no way balances out for lives taken by unnecessary gun violence. The NRA has shown poor character choosing to stage gun rallies in areas affected by gun violence. Shortly after the horrors of Columbine the NRA hosted gun rally in Columbine despite the very sensitive conditions. To sum up my feelings of the NRA, I think they are doing the United States a disservice by advocating the liberation of gun control laws in the United States.


One Response to “blog no. 3: A non profit I could live without”

  1. You do realize that Charlton Heston passed away last April and hasn’t been the President of the NRA since 2003 right?

    You are obviously ignorant of the NRA and what it does.

    The NRA got involved in Politics in the 1930’s as a direct response to the first federal gun control law, the National Firearms Act of 1934. Had the Federal government not begun dabbling in gun control, the NRA would still just be a gun safety and shooting organization.

    Machine guns…aka automatic weapons…have been heavily regulated since that 1934 legislation. The NRA does not advocate relaxation of those restrictions. You are flat out wrong on that point.

    No one in the gun rights community advocates “arming the entire nation”. That is nothing more than hyperbole and a strawman. We don’t advocate forcing anyone to do anything. We only don’t want your prejudices forced on us.

    Although our rate is relatively high, The US does not have the highest number of “deaths related to gun violence” by a wide margin. As of 1997, Brazil bears that distinction with a rate of almost twice ours. I don’t have time to find current data, but considering that our crime rates have been falling relatively consistently (albeit with a few bumps), I’d imagine that, if anything, that disparity has grown.

    Yet, even if we did, those numbers mean nothing. They do not take into account societal differences, demographic differences, differences in Policing or reporting standards, etc.

    It’s been demonstrated that many nations are very…um…conservative…with their reports of murder. Japan has been known to declare victims of homicide to have died from “natural causes” because they didn’t die from the gunshot right away, but rather in the hospital later…therefore, they died from “heart failure”. That’s just one example.

    To illustrate basic societal differences: our NON-firearm homicide rate is higher than many other countries’ total homicide rates. The point being, our society (or rather, one particular subset of our society) tends to be very violent by nature.

    The subset to which I’m referring? Gangs and drug dealers. The majority of the homicides that occur in this country are criminals killing other criminals…either in gang hits, or in drug turf wars. That cannot and will not be stopped by disarming law abiding citizens…which is the only thing that gun control does.

    I could go on, but that’s enough food for thought for now. If you’re interested in actually examining this subject, I’d be happy to debate it with you further.

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